Skin Treatment Testimonials

TRACEY 21 DEC 2015

After several botched procedures at other establishments, I found Joy! Literally, Joy is the name of the doctor ( yes doctor, not nurse, or beauty therapist ) . Joy will take photographs before and after, explain procedures, tell you what you need and how much it will cost. You may be thinking, she's setting you up by saying what you need. But no! She gave me advice, that through her knowledge and visual testimonials, I trusted. Don't expect to walk out with "duck lips", or experience, expressionless face after botox. Just trust her judgement, be delighted, enjoy compliments and renewed confidence. Must not forget to mention , Kristina. The " right" , right hand woman to Joy.


SOPHIE C, 19 NOV 2015

Suffering from dry bad skin on and off for years I looked to the skin and hair clinic for help. And after a few months Of regular perscritions and visiting Joy at the clinic my skin has never been better! I now feel confident without all the layers of make up and my skin is radiant. Joy and Christina make you feel right at home and when visiting the liverp0ol skin clinic. If your having any problems with your own skin I would definitely pay them a visit. I've recently had my first peel here, they both made me feel calm and relaxed and my skin is feeling incredible I can't wait for my next one, thank you skin clinic!! X



Were you pleased with the treatment?
I really want to share my experience at this excellent clinic. I have a skin condition called Lichen Simplex Chronicus which basically is areas of unsightly skin plaques mainly on my arms which I have been receiving treatment for on NHS for the last three years. I have had every cream and steroid imaginable for this condition and still the raised scarred plaques remained. I approached Dr Kumari at the Liverpool clinic and she removed one area with minor surgery and the result was amazing. I now have a small neat area of skin which is fading in colour each week!! I was so impressed that I have returned to have two more areas removed today and am excited to think I may be wearing short sleeves again soon. Dr Kumari was very professional along with her two lovely assistants Christina and Becky. This is money well spent in my opinion as my confidence is improving and I don't feel I have to constantly cover up. The after care is also very good and I was made to feel totally reassured in my consultation whilst making the decision myself to get this procedure. I strongly recommend this Clinic as I feel it has helped me where other methods have not succeeded. THANK YOU to Dr Kumari and team. Jenny Spotless Treatment room and Professional treatment from Dr Kumarni and her assistants Christina and Becky. Felt so please with my first treatment and the result that I have returned for more treatment on other skin plaque lesions. I highly recommend this clinic as they have successfully removed my skin lesions and am happy with the results. Jenny Ward Liverpool



I visited the centre after years of suffering with psoriasis which had started to effect my quality of life. I was seen within a few days of initial contact and was really pleased with how friendly and helpful the lady on the phone was. The clinic is modern, clean and well presented. Within the hour I came out of there with hope of getting my condition under control. I wasnt disappointed. Over the next week my skin had dramatically improved as had my confidence. As long as the clinic is there I'll be a client, I can't complain at their service at all. Thanks!


JULIE - 8 JUN 2015
Very happy, positive experience with excellent results. Will be a lifelong client.



I had a great experience. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I love my lips it was pain free and great results. Friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend it.



Excellent results. Look younger 5 minutes after. Very professional and honest.



So far glad had done, didn’t think would hurt so much though. But you can see the difference all ready. Fingers crossed looks brilliant.



Very friendly and informative. Pleased with results.



Great results, fab service definitely be back again.



I am very happy with the result. Thank you.



Very friendly and helpful.



Clear explanation, staff were friendly and helpful.



Clinic was excellent. I would recommend to all my friends. Doctor was very clear in all she told me. I am very pleased with results.



Wonderful customer service and very knowledgeable medical experts. Thank you, see you soon!


Very clean.

-Beverley, 13/03/13

Was really nervous about trying the treatment, but was put totally at ease when arrived. The clinic is very professional and I felt at ease. Immediate results am really pleased.

- Tracie, 02/03/13

Full in-depth consultation. Did not feel pressured. I made an informed choice about treatments and am very happy with results. Dr. Kumari made me feel relaxed throughout will be coming back.

- Karen, 02/03/13

Love love my new lips.

- Samantha, 09/03/13

Happy with results.

-Janet, 07/03/13

Happy with my new lips however feel I need to get more work which I have never been told before at least the staffs were honest.

-Leanne, 09/03/13

Found my treatment pain free, loved the outcome.

- Pamela, 07/03/13

I found joy very informative and she was experienced in the treatment. I wanted (fillers), she really wanted to get a good result. Receptionist was lovely and put me at ease. Very friendly.

- Rose, 06/03/13

Pleasant clinic. Dr. Kumari very informal. Overall experience satisfactory.

-Caroline, 23/02/13

I was very nervous before I booked my appointment but I need not have been. I was made most welcome; I was given all the options prior to the procedure (dermal filler) and was also given information of other procedures that would enhance my looks. (Chemical peels) On the day of the procedure I was still nervous but I have never been happier with the results. The procedure was explained thoroughly all the way through. I now feel fantastic and have now booked a peel to complete my looks. Highly recommend.

- Christine, 23/02/13

I found the service here excellent and very friendly. I was very impressed with the results of treatment and will use the clinic again.

-Emma, 22/02/13

Excellent consultation/ really friendly and very professional. Very completive prices.

-Debbi, 23/02/13

I visited the Liverpool skin clinic on the date above. I had derma filers. Absolutely made up with the face changing affects. Even though I didn’t have fillers in my lips, my smile was improved. Instead of my face looking droopy and miserable I know look much happier. Very happy with results and I would defiantly recommend Joy!

-Ann Marie, 16/02/13

I am very happy with result and will be back, very happy with the end result.

- Diane, 16/02/13

Really pleased with treatment. Staff very helpful!

- Anon

Very happy with results and great advice given. Great before and after pictures, will be back for more treatments. Thanks for your friendly and welcoming service.

- Paula, 19/02/13

Very relaxing. Treatment was excellent. Very little pain.

-Ruth, 25/02/13

Very warm welcome from Christina (Receptionist) Joy (practitioner) explained everything fully and made me feel very relaxed. The products I used were explained in detail. I am extreamly delighted with the result. I would highly recommend the clinic.

-Lynda, 30/01/13

Consultation was through an example pictures shown. No nonsense treatment was advised. I would recommend using this service again

-Paula, 31/01/13

Fabulous results immediately apparent. Very skilled doctor, very caring and efficient. Lovely reception staff.

-Lynda, 31/01/13

Joy made me very much at ease and I had total trust in her. I am thrilled with the results of my treatment, and intend to come for advice and more treatments when necessary.

- Jean, 27/03/13

Instructions and advice clear and precise. Results very good. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

-Ben, 26/03/13

Very professional and honest.

- A. Beddows, 22/03/13

Great results. Will be back!

-Allison, 22/03/13

Feel was given good advice and I was happy with the results.

- Julia, 28/03/13

Very good enjoyed the treatment.

-Joanne, 29/03/13

Came to clinic. Joy was very helpful and explained everything to me.

- Lucy, 29/03/13

Fantastic results in very experienced hands. Will certainly be coming back for further treatments.

- Catherine, 28/03/13

Very pleased with both through consultation and treatment. Thanks.

-Gaynor, 21/03/13

My experience of Joy, very warm, honest and conscientious. When I came to the clinic the receptionist was warm, inviting and very approachable.

-Beverley, 29/03/13

Very professional, friendly, good service before and after pictures was very pleased thank you!

-Chelsea, 27/04/13

Very friendly staff. Doctor gave good advice and very thorough discussion before procedure carried out.

- Helen

Really nice doctor, done very good job and made me feel reassured and safe.

- Nikki, 27/04/13

Very informative, polite and helpful. Will be recommending to my family and friends.

- Julie, 1/05/13

Everything went well. All explained well. Will be back.

-Alison, 30/04/13

My visit to this clinic was very informative and helpful. Will be back.

- Karen, 6/05/13

Joy explained thoroughly and I am very happy with the treatment.

-Teresa, 2/05/14

Absolute made up. Immediate results. Will be back.

- Paula, 5/06/13

I am so happy with the treatment I got with yourself. I had lines in my forehead which made me feel I was aging before my times. Now I feel and look so much better and it’s caused no problems or concerns for me which made me even more happier. I would really recommend Liverpool Skin Clinic to anyone who just needs a little Botox to clear those tell tale lines. Very friendly clinic, lovely staff and would highly recommend it to all my friends.

-Graeme, 17/11/12

Friendly, professional and efficient. Great results Thank You.

-Jan, 20/12/12

Very pleased with consultation and advice given. Will be visiting the clinic in the future

-Justine, 20/12/12

Lip augmentation. Really happy with the results, like the honesty! Would definitely recommend and come back.

-Hayley, 15/12/12

Overall very impressed with treatment. Very confident in decision. Very happy with results.

-Lorraine, 14/12/12

Very helpful. Very pleased with the results.

-Claire, 14/12/12

Had an appointment today at skin clinic. Had fillers in my lips. Had one syringe and could see a great improvement straight away. I am very satisfied with my treatment. Felt everything was explained correctly.

- Claire, 12/12/12

I was very happy with the results from the fillers and botox I received. I will definitely be returning. The doctor was very informative and explainbed exactly what she was going to do and the result I could expect.

-Patricia, 13/12/12

Delighted with result. Great advice and best plan for my needs, even though I didn’t know it at first. Thank You.

- Patricia, 13/12/12

Very professional and honest.

-M. Disley, 12/12/12

Staff is very warm, friendly, welcoming and I would highly recommend to a friend. Thank You.

-A. Wardle, 5/12/12

This was a fantastic experience. The receptionist is the best. Dr Kumari advised exactly what I needed and was not trying to entice more money from me. I am very happy with the results.

-Jane, 05/12/12

I was very pleased with outcome and treatment today. I would recommend Liverpool Skin Clinic to my friends. I will be back. Thank You.

-Andrea, 06/12/12

Happy with treatment

- E. Forde, 10/12/12

Wonderful treatment. Delighted. Many thanks.

- Gaynor, 201/12/12

I am very happy with the results and I am amazed at the difference and improvement after my treatment.

- Renee, 21/12/12

Very pleased with my treatment1 Very professional and will definitely recommend.

-Antonia, 21/12/12

I found the doctor very informative. She explained what treatments would improve my appearance the best and how she would create the appearance. The treatment wasn’t too painful. I would certainly recommend the clinic. The staff were friendly and the doctor very knowledgeable and experienced. Before and after pictures were done, this is a nice idea and shows you the immediate results

-Carol, 11/12/12

I gained a lot of information and pleased with treatment.

-Debbie, 20/03/13

Very kind, makes you feel comfortable and she knows what she is doing! Very pleased.

-Andrea, 10/04/13

Very informative, immediate benefits. Will see you very soon for my peel.

-Lisa, 10/04/13

Joy was lovely, treatment was very explained and I am very happy.

- Lindsey, 03/04/13

Fillers made a big difference you could see results instantly.

- Francine, 04/04/13

Great treatment, good advice given.

- Liz, 04/04/13

KGB Deals, felt very comfortable and I am happy with results.

-Michelle, 20/03/13

Excellent! Lovely friendly staff all procedure explained thoroughly and practitioner took into consideration what I wanted. Thank you so much will be back again soon

- Lisa, 03/04/13

Happy with results received.

-Tracy, 11/04/13

I found Joy to be very knowledgeable about lines. I will be back again with my friends.

- Maureen, 11/04/13

Good through consultation and effective results. Will return for further treatment.

-Janet, 05/04/13

Very professional service. Dr Kumari knows what she is talking about and tells you the truth. Very pleased I will be recommending to others.

-Julia, 19/04/13

Very professional.

- Nisha, 16/04/13

I found the clinic and staff extremely friendly and welcoming. I am delighted with the results of my treatment and would not go anywhere else.

-Barbra, 16/04/13

Very helpful and very informative.

-Eileen, 16/04/13

Great results, friendly staff and great advice.



-Stacey, 12/04/13

Wonderful results. Very pleased I have been to two surgerys for fillers and this is the very best. The doctor was very gentle. Many Thanks. I have confidence to return in the future.

-Linda, 12/04/13

Very good result, very nice receptionist and a very informative doctor.

-Jenny, 12/04/13

Very happy was very wary at first but Joy made me feel at ease and I put my trust in her and all was great.

-Michelle, 12/04/13

Really happy with my results. Amazing! Feel like a new woman.

-Sharon, 11/04/13

Absolutely amazing really friendly and professional, love my lips. Great place to come.

-Clair, 13/03/13

Fabulous consultation. Very happy with results. And will be back soon.

-Louise, 21/03/13

I am very pleased with my treatment today. It has made a great difference to my face.

-Sharon, 09/01/13

Lovely helpful staff and great advice. Thanks.

-Sharon, 10/01/13

It was my 2nd visit to this cliic and I am very happy with the information I am given. Which is explained to me in detail. I am now going to have some further treatments as I am happy with the treatment I received.

-Patricia, 10/01/13

Welcoming receptionist. Dr very helpful, good advice. Will definitely return.

-Catherine, 12/01/13

I have had a great service. Very through consultation, all explained. Very friendly and personnel service.


Very nice result, very professional.

-Gemma, 21/12/12

Very pleased with results.

-Claire, 03/01/12

I was treated with respect. I felt I was completely informed about the procedure and am delighted with the internal result. Can’t wait to come back to complete the cosmetic procedures and complete my look. Thanks.

-Margret, 04/01/13

Professional in approach, very reassuring and full explanation. Thank You.

-Lyn, 05/01/13

Easy to find and parking. Very friendly and professional.

-Gillian, 04/01/13

Thought Dr. Kumari was very professional, caring and really understood the look I was going for, she explained everything thoroughly. Kristina on reception was also very helpful and provided great service.

-Kate, 29/12/12

I was hesitating about doing or not but glad to see the results after first visit.

-A. Moore, 29/12/12

Absolutely delighted with the effect. Lovely staff is an added bonus.

-Joanne, 12/12/12

Extremely pleased with the service provided by the Dr, very through consultation. Even more impressed with the results.

-Emma, 21/11/12

I felt slightly anxious and apprehensive about having Botox but Dr. Kumari instantly put me at ease and allayed any concerns. I am absolutely ecstatic with the results of Botox so much I had a Nasolabial and the results were immediate. Liverpool Skin Clinic is a very warm, friendly environment and I highly recommend treatment with Dr. Kumari.

-Rachelle, 23/11/12

I have had Botox and fillers on this occasion. It is the first time I have used this salon and I highly recommend it. My treatment has been the best yet Dr kumari has informed the look around my mouth, so I look younger and fresher. She also made a huge difference to my overall look with the Botox. In addition, Dr kumari is very professional, presentable and extremely caring. She really takes pride and joy in the effect she makes in me. A lovely lady.

-Cheryl, 24/11/12

Very pleased with the result!

-Paula, 24/11/12

Very helpful and friendly before and during the treatment. Pleased with the finished results. Would use again.

-Amy, 24/11/1

Very pleased with service and results. Extremely informative and friendly.z

- Sophie, 24/11/12

Lovely, friendly, clean place. Staff are great. Commutable. Would come again.

- Lara, 29/11/12

I received a full briefing as to what treatments was best for me. I was fully informed of every part of my treatment, and was made to feel confident and relaxed.

-Paula, 30/11/12

Very impressed with the treatment and the professional consultation. Am very happy women when I left.

- Lynne, 29/11/12

Comprehensive advice prior to treatment. Treatment fully explained. Friendly and informative.

-Karen, 04/12/12

I love Dr Kumari! A warm professional and friendly women. I am very pleased with my treatment and have no hesitation in recommending the Liverpool Skin Clinic to anyone.

-J.Warren, 06/12/12

I was really put at ease when I spoke to the practitioner. She was professional and honest. I will be coming back.

-Lesley, 07/12/12

Very happy, positive experience with excellent results. Will be a lifelong client

-Julie, 05/12/12

Very pleased with everything. From when I walked through the door , very helpful advice. Consultation excellent. Made to feel at ease. Would recommend to anyone.

-Rose, 07/12/12

Very pleased with treatment. Knowledgeable and experienced so put my mind at ease. Was able to advice on another skin issue I have. Will come back. Thanks.

- Abby, 02/05/13

Fab treatment, love my lips.

-Vicky, 20/11/12