Dermal Fillers

face_chin_02As we age our skin loosens, stretches and loses its elasticity… At the Skin + Hair Clinic we use dermal fillers to smoothen, fill and firm wrinkled skin, reducing the signs of ageing. We inject a natural substance (hyaluronic acid), which stimulates the production of collagen, to fill the hollows that become more pronounced with age, and create the smooth contours of younger skin.

Dermal fillers are mainly used to treat nasolabial and marionette lines between the nose and mouth, and mouth and chin, but can also be used as an effective technique for lip augmentation. They’re also used to reduce the appearance of dry, sun damaged and ageing skin, making it look fresher, younger and revitalised.

There are a variety of dermal fillers on the market, and our team of dermatologists will advise you on the best product for your skin type and expectations. We use a wide variety of fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Teosal, which are suitable for use on both your face and hands.

If you’d like to ask us a questions, feel free to send us a message, or call us at a local rate on 0151 280 3248. The section below provides you more information about the conditions we use dermal fillers to treat, and some typical questions our clients have asked.

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Dimpled/puckered chin

As we age and our face’s movements become more ingrained on our skin, puckers and dimples can appear around the chin area. Although facial movements cause them initially, over time they become deeper, and remain visible, even when the skin is in a relaxed state. Treatments for puckered chins include an anti-wrinkle injection like Azzalure or Dysport, will help smooth and firm the skin in the area, reducing the appearance of lines and dimples.

Ageing hands

Our hands are one of the most telling signs of our true age. The skin on the back of your hands is extremely thin, and fat loss over time begins to show the tendons, bones, veins and structure of the hand.

Facial Lines

Our facial lines deepen as we age, and our skin loses its natural elasticity. Everyone’s face is different, and lines reflect the different movements and facial characteristics of different people.

They may include bunny lines – a horizontal wrinkled across the bridge of the nose – lines on the forehead, frown lines (glabella), crow’s feet and nasolabial and marionette lines (which run between the nose and mouth, or mouth and chin).

Dermal fillers

Q. How do dermal fillers work?

A. We inject tiny amounts of hyaluronic into the skin’s tissue, which turns into collagen. Collagen serves as a ‘plumper’ in the skin, and expands, filling out the wrinkle, hollow or fine line.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. No. Again, we apply a numbing cream before we begin the treatment, so you won’t feel a think while it’s carried out.

Q. Will I look pink after?

A. Your skin might look slightly pink; if you have what’s know as ‘tense skin’, which is more common in smokers, your skin can bruise around the treatment area.

Q. How far in advance of a special occasion or event should I have dermal fillers done?

A. We’d recommend having a treatment like dermal fillers done at least a week in advance…

Q. Do I need any special aftercare treatment?

A. We’ll give you a complete briefing and leaflet about aftercare, and you’ll also have to wear SPF50+ sun cream after your treatment.

Dermal Fillers

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