Why Choose Us?

Why choose the Skin Clinic + Hair Transplant Centre? Well, we know you have a choice, and that’s why we’re always working to stay ahead of the crowd, and make sure we offer the latest, most innovative, competitive and effective treatments on the market.

We’ve also been established for over 10 years, building up a range of treatments and reputation for excellence through our work. Dermatology is the foundation of all of our work – a deep, scientific understanding of the skin, and its biology.

But we also promise we’ll do the right thing for you. We realise that many of our treatments are designed to increase your body confidence, and – alongside offering you professional advice – we treat every client as an individual. We’ll always look at the specific circumstances of your condition or question, taking your lifestyle, aims and expectations into account before we offer you any treatment.

At the FUE Specialist Clinic you’ll get the benefit of:

  • our highly skilled and experienced dermatologist, a market-leader and specialist in general and aesthetic dermatology
  • a clinic where our staff listen to you, your concerns, and will always advise you on what we think is right for you, rather than what will make us money
  • a totally discreet, confidential service
  • a thorough aftercare regime
  • results so good and natural you’ll feel like you’ve always looked that way

If you’ve got specific questions you’d like to ask us, give our team a call for a free consultation on 01512803248.